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Good Mountain Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Good Mountain
Авторы: Reed Robert
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Размер файла: 191Кб.
Дата правки: 2016-11-17

Lightspeed: Year One Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Lightspeed: Year One
Авторы: Adams John, Kaftan Vylar, McDevitt Jack, Kirtley David, Vaughn Carrie, Emshwiller Carol, Buckell Tobias, Valentine Genevieve, Martin George, Valente Catherynne, Lee Yoon, Landis Geoffrey, Lansdale Joe, Fultz John, Kiernan Caitlin, Castro Adam-Troy, Guin Ursula Le, Kim Alice, Rusch Kristine, Card Orson, Czerneda Julie, Kelly James, Due Tananarive, Haldeman Joe, Rambo Cat, Silverberg Robert, Langan Sarah, King Stephen, Yu Charles, Kress Nancy, Kosmatka Ted, Tallerman David, Mariani Corey, Palwick Susan, Lee Tanith, Rambo Cat, Liu Ken, Clark Maggie, Baxter Stephen, Okorafor Nnedi, Reed Robert, Owomoyela An, Sterling Bruce, Crosshill Tom, McCaffrey Anne, Gregory Eric, Mellas Tessa, Kress Nancy, Reynolds Alastair
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Размер файла: 1535Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-01-24
Дубликаты книги: Lightspeed: Year One (1шт.)

Lightspeed ( is the critically-acclaimed, online science fiction magazine edited by bestselling anthologist John Joseph Adams. Lightspeed publishes all types of science fiction, from near-future, sociological soft sf, to far-future, star-spanning hard sf, and anything and everything in between. Each month, Lightspeed features a mix of originals and reprints, from a variety of authors - from the bestsellers and award-winners you already know to the best new voices you haven''t heard of yet. Now, in Lightspeed: Year One, you will find all of the fiction published in Lightspeed''s first year, from new stories such as Nebula Award finalists, Vylar Kaftan''s "I''m Alive, I Love You, I''ll See You in Reno" and "Arvies" by Adam-Troy Castro, and Carrie Vaughn''s Hugo Award-nominee "Amaryllis," to classic reprints by Stephen King, Ursula K. Le Guin, George R. R. Martin, and more

Marrow Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Marrow
Авторы: Reed Robert
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Серии Marrow
Размер файла: 900Кб.
Дата правки: 2011-03-29

The Ship has traveled the universe for longer than any of the near-immortal crew can recall, its true purpose and origins unknown. Larger than many planets, it houses thousands of alien races and just as many secrets. Now one has been discovered: at the center of the Ship is a planet: Marrow

Médula Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Médula
Авторы: Reed Robert
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Серии Médula
Размер файла: 1015Кб.
Дата правки: 2011-09-21

La Gran Nave lleva viajando por el espacio más tiempo del que su tripulación es capaz de recordar. Desde que, hace algunos milenios, entró en la Vía Láctea y fue colonizado por los humanos, este colosal vehículo del tamaño de un planeta ha vagado por la galaxia transportando a billones de hombres y miles de razas alienígenas que han conseguido la inmortalidad gracias a la alteración genética.Pero los pasajeros no viajan solos: en el interior de la nave duerme un secreto tan antiguo como el propio universo. Ahora está a punto de despertar…

Mind's Eye Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Mind's Eye
Авторы: Reed Robert
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Размер файла: 115Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-08-28

Robert Reed has had a run of good fortune lately. His short story, “Decency” (June 1996), won our Eleventh Annual Readers’ Award Poll, and it is currently nominated for a Hugo award. In September, his latest novel, Beneath the Gated Sky (a sequel to his well-received Beyond the Veil of Stars), went on sale and he was married just short of his forty-first birthday. Unfortunately, all of this good cheer doesn’t spill over into his coldly furnished new tale about how distorted the world can appear through our… Mind’s Eye. A word of warning: there are a few scenes in this story that may be disturbing to some

Mother Death Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Mother Death
Авторы: Reed Robert
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Размер файла: 333Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-08-07

One Million A.D Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: One Million A.D
Авторы: Dozois Gardner, Reed Robert, Silverberg Robert, Cress Nancy, Reynolds Alastair, Stross Charles, Egan Greg
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Размер файла: 963Кб.
Дата правки: 2016-11-17

One million years from now. It’s a span of time so huge that it's hard for the mind to grasp. Even within science fiction, to conjure up a convincing portrait of what humanity might be like in such a remote future calls for writers with rare breadth of vision. Fortunately, Dozois and Dann have found them. Includes longer stories set in “One Million A.D.” by: Robert Reed Robert Silverberg Nancy Kress Alastair Reynolds Greg Egan

Other Worlds Than These Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Other Worlds Than These
Авторы: Adams John, Alexander William, Baxter Stephen, McAuley Paul, McGuire Seanan, Swanwick Michael, Benford Gregory, Alexander William, Cadigan Pat, Oates Joyce, Fultz John, Singh Vandana, Melko Paul, Link Kelly, McDonald Ian, McCaffery Simon, Tobler E, Reynolds Alastair, Guin Ursula Le, King Stephen, Kirtley David, Rivera Mercurio, VanderMeer Jeff, Martin George, Vaughn Carrie, Pratt Tim, Reed Robert, Valente Catherynne, Lee Yoon, Card Orson, Yant Christie, Silverberg Robert, Grossman Lev, Lockhart Ross
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Размер файла: 1548Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-12-12

What if you could not only travel any location in the world, but to any possible world? We can all imagine such “other worlds”—be they worlds just slightly different than our own or worlds full of magic and wonder—but it is only in fiction that we can travel to them. From The Wizard of Oz to The Dark Tower, from Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass to C. S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia, there is a rich tradition of this kind of fiction, but never before have the best parallel world stories and portal fantasies been collected in a single volume—until now. “Anthologist Adams presents readers with a wide variety of alternate Earths, some only slightly askew and others completely unfamiliar. […] Adams’s selections are mirrors reflecting one other with the best images of alternate realities. Readers will greatly enjoy this exploration of our world's foremost and ascendant speculative authors.” “Reminds longtime readers of fantasy and sci-fi what we love about the genre, while also and aptly demonstrating to newcomers that these stories are about so much more than dragons and multitentacled monsters. It comes highly recommended to both and all.”

The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year Volume 5 An anthology of stories Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year Volume 5 An anthology of stories
Авторы: Strahan Jonathan, Rajaniemi Hannu, Gaiman Neil, McDonald Sandra, Brennan Sarah, Black Holly, Broderick Damien, Abercrombie Joe, Reed Robert, Johnson Kij, Goss Theodora, Kelly James, Kushner Ellen, Doctorow Cory, Hand Elizabeth, Lanagan Margo, Cadigan Pat, Sterling Bruce, Barzak Christopher, McHugh Maureen, Genge Sara, Landis Geoffrey, Kessel John, Peterfreund Diana, Tidhar Lavie, Tregillis Ian, Parker K, Watts Peter, Valentine Genevieve, Swirsky Rachel
Жанры Фэнтези, Научная Фантастика
Серии The Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of the Year
Размер файла: 1566Кб.
Дата правки: 2011-04-18

An anthology of stories edited by Jonathan Strahan

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year. Volume 10 Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year. Volume 10
Авторы: Strahan Jonathan, Gaiman Neil, Bacigalupi Paolo, Hopkinson Nalo, Shawl Nisi, Reynolds Alastair, Wilson Kai, Robson Kelly, Ryman Geoff, Jones Gwyneth, Muir Tamsyn, Kiernan Caitlin, Miller Sam, Bear Elizabeth, Bear Greg, Valentine Genevieve, Wong Alyssa, Valente Catherynne, Reed Robert, Ford Jeffrey, McDonald Ian, McIntyre Vonda, Sulway Nike, Robinson Kim, Ings Simon, Malik Usman, Link Kelly, Leckie Ann
Жанры Научная Фантастика, Фэнтези
Серии The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year
Размер файла: 1812Кб.
Дата правки: 2016-09-03

DISTANT WORLDS, TIME TRAVEL, EPIC ADVENTURE, UNSEEN WONDERS AND MUCH MORE! The best, most original and brightest science fiction and fantasy stories from around the globe from the past twelve months are brought together in one collection by multiple award winning editor Jonathan Strahan. This highly popular series now reaches volume nine and will include stories from both the biggest names in the field and the most exciting new talents. Previous volumes have included stories from Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Cory Doctorow, Stephen Baxter, Elizabeth Bear, Joe Abercrombie, Paolo Bacigalupi, Holly Black, Garth Nix, Jeffrey Ford, Margo Lanagan, Bruce Sterling, Adam Robets, Ellen Klages, and many many more

The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: The Mammoth Book of Apocalyptic SF
Авторы: Ashley Mike, Silverberg Robert, Joshi Sushma, Green Dominic, Wilhelm Kate, Doctorow Cory, Bailey Dale, Nagata Linda, Barnett David, Pohl Frederik, Reynolds Alastair, Landis Geoffrey, Barton William, Baker Kage, Reed Robert, Bear Elizabeth, Broderick Damien, JR James TIPTREE, Leiber Fritz, Brown Eric, Filippo Paul Di, Williamson Jack, Maclntyre F, Baxter Stephen, Counihan Elizabeth
Жанры Постапокалипсис
Размер файла: 1237Кб.
Дата правки: 2013-09-04

Stories of the fall of civilisation, the destruction of the Earth and the end of the Universe itself The last sixty years have been full of stories of one or other possible Armageddon, whether by nuclear war, plague, cosmic catastrophe or, more recently, global warming, terrorism, genetic engineering, AIDS and other pandemics. These stories, both pre- and post-apocalyptic, describe the fall of civilization, the destruction of the entire Earth, or the end of the Universe itself. Many of the stories reflect on humankind’s infinite capacity for self-destruction, but the stories are by no means all downbeat or depressing — one key theme explores what the aftermath of a cataclysm might be and how humans strive to survive

The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2012 Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2012
Авторы: Horton Rich, Lee Yoon, Valentine Genevieve, Denton Bradley, Kaftan Vylar, Valente Catherynne, DeNiro Alan, Charnas Suzy, McAuley Paul, Carroll Jonathan, Barnes John, Goss Theodora, Duncan Alexandra, Gaiman Neil, Grant Gavin, Fowler Karen, Lawson Chris, Link Kelly, Lanagan Margo, Allan Nina, Howard Kat, Parker K, Reed Robert, Saunders George, Cooney C, Lingen Marissa, Swirsky Rachel, Tidhar Lavie, Yu E, Johnson Kij
Жанры Научная Фантастика, Фэнтези
Размер файла: 1597Кб.
Дата правки: 2013-01-11

This fourth volume of the year's best science fiction and fantasy features thirty stories by some of the genre's greatest authors, including Jonathan Carroll, Neil Gaiman, Kij Johnson, Kelly Link, Paul McAuley, RJ Parker, Robert Reed, Rachel Swirsky, Catherynne M. Valente, and many others. Selecting the best fiction from Asimov's, F&SF, Strange Horizons, Subterranean,, and other top venues, The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy is your guide to magical realms and worlds beyond tomorrow

The Year's Best Science Fiction, Volume 29 Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: The Year's Best Science Fiction, Volume 29
Авторы: Dozois Gardner, McAuley Paul, Moles David, Broderick Damien, Bear Elizabeth, Barnes John, MacLeod Ken, Schroeder Karl, Swanwick Michael, Beagle Peter, Gilman Carolyn, Cornell Paul, Baxter Stephen, McDonald Ian, Reynolds Alastair, McHugh Maureen, Valente Catherynne, Lake Jay, Hutchinson Dave, Ryman Geoff, Purdom Tom, MacLeod Ian, Klecha David, Buckell Tobias, Reed Robert, Jones Gwyneth, Tidhar Lavie, Flynn Michael, Cadigan Pat, Lee Yoon Ha, Hawkins Jim, Nevala-Lee Alec, Ball Peter, Lawson Chris, Johnson Kij
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Серии The Year's Best Science Fiction
Размер файла: 2411Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-07-27

In the new millennium, what secrets lay beyond the far reaches of the universe? What mysteries belie the truths we once held to be self evident? The world of science fiction has long been a porthole into the realities of tomorrow, blurring the line between life and art. Now, in The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Ninth Annual Collection the very best SF authors explore ideas of a new world. This venerable collection brings together short stories from award winning authors and masters of the field such as Robert Reed, Alastair Reynolds, Damien Broderick, Elizabeth Bear, Paul McAuley and John Barnes. And with an extensive recommended reading guide and a summation of the year in science fiction, this annual compilation has become the definitive must-read anthology for all science fiction fans and readers interested in breaking into the genre. In this collection of thirty-five science fiction stories from 2011, Gardner Dozois once again identifies the best stories of the year

Year's Best SF 17 Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Year's Best SF 17
Авторы: Hartwell David, Cramer Kathryn, Benford Gregory, Gaiman Neil, Kress Nancy, Swanwick Michael, MacLeod Ken, Bear Elizabeth, Liu Ken, Rivera Mercurio, Okorafor Nnedi, Schroeder Karl, Park Paul, Anders Charlie, Moffett Judith, Ashby Madeline, Reed Robert, Heuler Karen, Ballantyne Tony, Sterling Bruce, MacEwen Pat, Jones Gwyneth, Valentine Genevieve, Lee Yoon, Gilman Carolyn
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Серии Year's Best SF
Размер файла: 1031Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-06-12

Once again, the finest short-form sf offerings of the year have been collected in a single volume. With Year's Best SF 17, acclaimed, award-winning editors and anthologists David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer demonstrate the amazing depth and power of contemporary speculative fiction, showcasing astonishing stories from some of the genre's most respected names as well as exciting new writers to watch. Prepare to travel light years from the ordinary into a tomorrow at once breathtaking, frightening, and possible, with tales of wonder from: Elizabeth Bear Gregory Benford Neil Gaiman Nancy Kress Michael Swanwick and others

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