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You Are Dead Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Are Dead
Авторы: James Peter
Жанры Полицейский детектив
Серии Detective Superintendent Roy Grace
Размер файла: 887Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-05-27

They were marked for death. The last words Jamie Ball hears from his fiancée, Logan Somerville, are in a terrified mobile phone call. She has just driven into the underground car park beneath the block of flats where they live in Brighton. Then she screams and the phone goes dead. The police are on the scene within minutes, but Logan has vanished, leaving behind her neatly parked car and mobile phone. That same afternoon, workmen digging up a park in another part of the city, unearth the remains of a woman in her early twenties, who has been dead for thirty years. At first, to Roy Grace and his team, these two events seem totally unconnected. But then another young woman in Brighton goes missing — and yet another body from the past surfaces. Meanwhile, an eminent London psychiatrist meets with a man who claims to know information about Logan. And Roy Grace has the chilling realization that this information holds the key to both the past and present crimes... Does Brighton have its first serial killer in over eighty years?

You Are Having a Good Time Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Are Having a Good Time
Авторы: Barrodale Amie
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 382Кб.
Дата правки: 2016-09-07

In You Are Having a Good Time, Amie Barrodale’s collection of highly compressed and charged tales, the veneer of normality is stripped from her characters’ lives to reveal the seething and contradictory desires that fuel them. In “Animals,” an up-and-coming starlet harbors a complicated attraction toward her abusive director. In “Frank Advice for Fat Women,” an ethically compromised psychiatrist is drawn into the middle of a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship. And in “The Imp,” a supernatural possession ruins a man’s relationship with his pregnant wife. Barrodale’s protagonists drink too much, say the wrong things, want the wrong people. They’re hounded by longings (and sometimes ghosts) to the point where they are forced to confront the illusions they cling to. They’re brought to life in stories that don’t behave as you expect stories to behave. Barrodale’s startlingly funny and original fictions get under your skin and make you reconsider the fragile compromises that underpin our daily lives

You Are Not a Stranger Here Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Are Not a Stranger Here
Авторы: Haslett Adam
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 429Кб.
Дата правки: 2016-05-14

In one of the most acclaimed fiction debuts in years, Adam Haslett explores the lives that appear shuttered by loss and discovers entire worlds hidden inside them. An ageing inventor, burning with manic creativity, tries to reconcile with his estranged gay son. An orphaned boy draws a thuggish classmate into a relationship of escalating guilt and violence. A genteel middle-aged woman, a long-time resident of a rest home, becomes the confidante of a lovelorn, teenage volunteer. With Checkovian restraint and compassion, conveying both the sorrow of life and the courage with which people rise to meet it, You Are Not A Stranger Here is a triumph

You Are One of Them Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Are One of Them
Авторы: Holt Elliott
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 772Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-11-22

Sarah Zuckerman and Jennifer Jones are best friends in an upscale part of Washington, D.C., in the politically charged 1980s.  Sarah is the shy, wary product of an unhappy home: her father abandoned the family to return to his native England; her agoraphobic mother is obsessed with fears of nuclear war.  Jenny is an all-American girl who has seemingly perfect parents.  With Cold War rhetoric reaching a fever pitch in 1982, the ten-year-old girls write letters to Soviet premier Yuri Andropov asking for peace.  But only Jenny's letter receives a response, and Sarah is left behind when her friend accepts the Kremlin's invitation to visit the USSR and becomes an international media sensation.  The girls' icy relationship still hasn't thawed when Jenny and her parents die tragically in a plane crash in 1985. Ten years later, Sarah is about to graduate from college when she receives a mysterious letter from Moscow suggesting that Jenny's death might have been a hoax.  She sets off to the former Soviet Union in search of the truth, but the more she delves into her personal Cold War history, the harder it is to separate facts from propaganda

You Bet Your Life Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Bet Your Life
Авторы: Kaminsky Stuart
Жанры Криминальный детектив
Серии Toby Peters
Размер файла: 419Кб.
Дата правки: 2013-01-26

You Better Knot Die Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Better Knot Die
Авторы: Hechtman Betty
Жанры antique
Серии Crochet Mysteries
Размер файла: 620Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-06-21

Her crochet group, The Tarzana Hookers, is working overtime for the holidays-but Molly Pink is having trouble finding time to crochet so much as a snowflake. The bookstore where she works is adding a yarn department, and planning a huge launch party where the mysterious author of a popular series will reveal his or her true identity.  But before the author appears, another person disappears. The husband of Molly's neighbor is missing. When a suicide note arrives, it appears the husband has jumped off the Catalina Ferry- but Molly smells something fishy. Despite the protestations of her detective boyfriend, Molly's soon hooked on unraveling another mystery. She better watch out-or her sleuthing may get her on someone's naughty list

You Can Say That Again Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Can Say That Again
Авторы: Chase James
Жанры antique
Размер файла: 397Кб.
Дата правки: 2013-10-18

You Can't Be Too Careful Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Can't Be Too Careful
Авторы: Wells H
Жанры Классическая проза
Размер файла: 619Кб.
Дата правки: 2015

You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town
Авторы: Wicomb Zoe
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 1355Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-07-16

Zoë Wicomb's complex and deeply evocative fiction is among the most distinguished recent works of South African women's literature. It is also among the only works of fiction to explore the experience of "Coloured" citizens in apartheid-era South Africa, whose mixed heritage traps them, as Bharati Mukherjee wrote in the New York Times, "in the racial crucible of their country."Wicomb deserves a wide American audience, on a part with Nadine Gordimer and J.M.Coetzee." — Wall St. Journal Wicomb is a gifted writer, and her compressed narratives work like brilliant splinters in the mind, suggesting a rich rhythm and shape."-Seattle Times "[Wicomb's] prose is vigorous, textured, lyrical. [She] is a sophisticated storyteller who combines the open-endedness of contemporary fiction with the force of autobiography and the simplicity of family stories."-Bharati Mukherjee, New York Times Book Review For course use in: African literature, African studies, growing up female, world literature, women's studies Zoe Wicomb was born in 1948 and raised in Namaquland, South Africa. After 20 years voluntary exile, she returned to South Africa in 1991 to teach at the University of the Western Cape. She currently lives in Glasgow and teaches at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. Marcia Wright is professor of history at Columbia University and a member of the executive committee for the Women Writing Africa series. Carol Sicherman is professor emerita of English at Lehman College, CUNY

You Disappear Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Disappear
Авторы: Jungersen Christian
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 2170Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-02-12

An unnerving and riveting psychological drama that challenges our notions of how we view others and how we construct our own sense of self. Mia is an elementary schoolteacher in Denmark, while her husband, Frederik, is the talented, highly respected headmaster of a local private school. During a vacation in Spain, Frederik has an accident and his visit to the hospital reveals a brain tumor that is gradually altering his personality, confirming Mia's suspicions that her husband is no longer the man he used to be. Now she must protect herself and their teenage son, Niklas, from the strange, blunted being who lives in her husband's body — and with whom she must share her home, her son, and her bed. When it emerges that one year ago Frederik had defrauded his school of millions of crowns, the consequences of his condition envelope the entire community. Frederick's apparent lack of concern doesn't help, and longstanding friendships with colleagues are thrown by the wayside. Increasingly isolated, Mia faces more tough questions. Had his illness already changed him back then when he still seemed so happy? What are the legal ramifications? In her support group for spouses of people with brain injuries, Mia meets a defense attorney named Bernhard. Together they help prepare for Frederik's court case by immersing themselves in the latest brain research and in classic philosophical questions of free will, while simultaneously navigating the uncertain waters of their growing mutual infatuation. Jungersen's clear, spare prose and ceaseless plot twists will keep readers hooked until the last page

You Don't Have to Live Like This Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Don't Have to Live Like This
Авторы: Markovits Benjamin
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 1102Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-08-10

A frighteningly prescient novel of today’s America — one man’s story of a racially-charged real estate experiment in Detroit, Michigan. “You get in the habit of living a certain kind of life, you keep going in a certain direction, but most of the pressure on you is just momentum. As soon as you stop the momentum goes away. It’s easier than people think to walk out on things, I mean things like cities, leases, relationships and jobs.” —From You Don’t Have to Live Like This Greg Marnier, Marny to his friends, leaves a job he doesn’t much like and moves to Detroit, Michigan in 2009, where an old friend has a big idea about real estate and the revitalization of a once great American city. Once there, he gets involved in a fist-fight between two of his friends, a racially charged trial, an act of vigilante justice, a love affair with a local high school teacher, and a game of three-on-three basketball with the President — not to mention the money-soaked real estate project itself, cut out of 600 acres of emaciated Detroit. Marny’s billionaire buddy from Yale, Robert James, calls his project “the Groupon model for gentrification,” others call it “New Jamestown,” and Marny calls it home— until Robert James asks him to leave. This is the story of what went wrong. You Don’t Have to Live Like This is the breakout novel from the “fabulously real” (Guardian) voice of the only American included in Granta’s Best of Young British Novelists. Using the framework of our present reality, Benjamin Markovits blurs the line between the fictional and the fact-based, and captures an invisible current threaded throughout American politics, economics, and society that is waiting to explode

You Don't Love Me Yet Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Don't Love Me Yet
Авторы: Lethem Jonathan
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 428Кб.
Дата правки: 2013-08-08

Bestselling author Jonathan Lethem delivers a hilarious novel about love, art, and what it’s like to be young in Los Angeles. Lucinda Hoekke’s daytime gig as a telephone operator at the Complaint Line—an art gallery’s high-minded installation piece—is about as exciting as listening to dead air. Her real passion is playing bass in her forever struggling, forever unnamed band. But recently a frequent caller, the Complainer, as Lucinda dubs him, has captivated her with his philosophical musings. When Lucinda’s band begins to incorporate the Complainer’s catchy, existential phrases into their song lyrics, they are suddenly on the cusp of their big break. There is only one problem: the Complainer wants in

You Find Him – I'll Fix Him Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Find Him – I'll Fix Him
Авторы: Chase James
Жанры Крутой детектив
Размер файла: 464Кб.
Дата правки: 30.4.2012

You Find Him, I'll Fix Him Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Find Him, I'll Fix Him
Авторы: Chase James
Жанры Детективы
Размер файла: 434Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-07-26

Helen Chalmers had the kind of looks and body, which could make a man do almost everything she wanted. So when she asked pressman Ed Dawson to spend a month alone with her, in a scheduled Italian villa, he found himself accepting—even though it was against his better judgment. Because Helen was the daughter of Sherwin Chalmers, owner of New York Western Telegram, where Dawson worked. Moreover, Sherwin had left Helen in Dawson’s care in Rome. But Dawson had not quite imagined that he would find Helen’s dead body, when he arrived at the villa. Chalmers entrusted Dawson with finding the killer of Helen—the rest would be taken care of by Chalmers himself. Dawson found himself in a race against time to find the true killer of Helen, before the Italian police accused him of killing Helen, and the mob, with whom Helen had associated, caught up with him

You Had Me at Halo Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Had Me at Halo
Авторы: Ashby Amanda
Жанры Любовное фэнтези, любовно-фантастические романы
Размер файла: 522Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-08-13

Holly Evans has just seen her own body laid to rest. Now she would like to move onto the afterlife. But apparently she has some mortal baggage to unload first, starting with the matter of how she died. Her heavenly shrink isn't buying that she didn't kill herself- and says she must return to earth to straighten things out. The thing is, she needs to borrow the body of computer geek Vince Murphy to do it. Oh, and although Vince was supposed to have vacated the premises, he apparently never got the memo. Now, Holly has forty-eight hours to resolve her issues while sharing arms, legs, and… other things… with a guy she barely noticed while she was alive. But the real surprise is what life has to offer when you have only two days to live it

You Hear Ambulance Sounds and Think They Are for You Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Hear Ambulance Sounds and Think They Are for You
Авторы: Pink Sam
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 103Кб.
Дата правки: 2016-06-10

Sam Pink is dictator of the island of the bizarre." — As You Recognize Your Transience "Reading Sam Pink will make you recognize the reptile smuggler that has always been hiding out inside your brain." — Cameron Pierce, author of Ass Goblins of Auschwitz and The Pickled Apocalypse of Pancake Island

You loved me at my darkest Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You loved me at my darkest
Авторы: Harper Evie
Жанры antique
Размер файла: 1336Кб.
Дата правки: 1.6.2016

You See But You Do Not Observe Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You See But You Do Not Observe
Авторы: Sawyer Robert
Жанры Космическая фантастика
Размер файла: 71Кб.
Дата правки: 2010-04-07

First published in the anthology Sherlock Holmes in Orbit, edited by Mike Resnick and Martin H. Greenberg (DAW, 1995); authorized by Dame Jean Conan Doyle. Winner of both the CompuServe Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum’s Sixth Annual HOMer Award for Best Short Story of the Year and Le Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire, France’s top SF award, for Best Foreign Short Story of the Year

You Shall Know Our Velocity Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Shall Know Our Velocity
Авторы: Eggers Dave
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 791Кб.
Дата правки: 2008-10-26

Headlong, heartsick and footsore…Frisbee sentences that sail, spin, hover, circle and come back to the reader like gifts of gravity and grace…Nobody writes better than Dave Eggers about young men who aspire to be, at the same time, authentic and sincere." – The New York Times Book Review "You Shall Know Our Velocity! is the work of a wildly talented writer… Like Kerouac's book, Eggers's could inspire a generation as much as it documents it." – LA Weekly "There's an echolet of James Joyce there and something of Saul Bellow's Chinatown bounce, but we're carried into the narrative by a fluidity of line that is Eggers's own." – Entertainment Weekly "Eggers is a wonderful writer, bold and inventive, with the technique of a magic realist." – Salon "An entertaining and profoundly original tale." – San Francisco Chronicle "Eggers's writing really takes off – his forte is the messy, funny tirade, stuffed with convincing pain and wry observations." – Newsday "Often rousing…achieves a kind of anguished, profane poetry." – Newsweek "The bottom line that matters is this: Eggers has written a terrific novel, an entertaining and imaginative tale." – The Boston Globe "There are some wonderful set-pieces here, and memorable phrases tossed on the ground like unwanted pennies from the guy who runs the mint." – The Washington Post Book World "Powerful… Eggers's strengths as a writer are real: his funny pitch-perfect dialog; the way his prose delicately captures the bumblebee blundering of Will's thoughts;… and the stream-water clarity of his descriptions… There is genius here… Who is doing more, single-handedly and single-mindedly, for American writing?" – Time *** Because of Dave Eggers' experiences with the industry when he released his first book, he decided to publish this novel on his own. It is only available online or at Independent Bookshops. If you enjoy this book, please buy a copy… this is one of the few cases where the author really will recieve his fair share of the proceeds, and you will be helping a fledgling publishing house. This e-copy was proofed carefully, italics left intact. There is no synopsis on the book, so here are excerpts from a review: Will Chmlielewski, the hero and narrator of "You Shall Know Our Velocity," is seeking relief for his head, which, on the inside, has been badly affected by the death of a friend and, on the outside, has been beaten to a pulp by a band of toughs. Will moves through the novel with a badly bruised and scabbed face, which everyone keeps telling him – and he keeps telling everyone – will heal to its former condition. It's the same hope Will holds out for his mind. He can't sleep without alcohol or masturbation. The plot of "You Shall Know Our Velocity" is best recounted swiftly, since it hinges on motion and speed. Will has a friend called Hand. After Jack's death in a car crash, they agree to make a six-day trip around the world – "six, six and a half" – flying from country to country and dispersing $80,000 to strangers, money that Will has suddenly come into and which plagues him with white, Western guilt. On their way to nowhere in particular, Will and Hand cross paths and lock horns with a variety of exotics – peasants, prostitutes, elegant Frenchwomen in dark cafes – none of whom seem to want Will's money. He literally can't give it away. In the cities, it causes pandemonium and never less than a quick escape. In the country, among African subsistence farmers, it throws Will into confusion – about money, charity, justice, his motives and such. Sometimes he calls his mother, which is no help. In Senegal, a statuesque Parisian named Annette joins Will and Hand for a midnight swim and tells them that they live in "the fourth world," something Will can't understand. If it sounds a bit sophomoric, it is. So is "On the Road." So was "Emile." A certain crabbed critic for a paper of record has complained about Eggers' "shaggy-dog plot" and "self-indulgent yapping," but I think she's showing her age. A writer is among us, however imperfect, and he'll only get better if we leave him alone

You Should Pity Us Instead Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Should Pity Us Instead
Авторы: Gustine Amy
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 1133Кб.
Дата правки: 2016-02-10

Amy Gustine's You Should Pity Us Instead is a devastating, funny, and astonishingly frank collection of stories. Gustine can be brutally honest about the murky calculations, secret dreams and suppressed malice to which most of us never admit, not even to ourselves." — Karen Russell "You Should Pity Us Instead is an unbroken spell from first story to last, despite the enormous range of subjects and landscapes, sufferings and joys it explores." — Laura Kasischke "Amy Gustine's stories cross impossible borders both physical and moral: a mother looking for her kidnapped son sneaks into Gaza, an Ellis Island inspector mourning his lost love plays God at the boundary between old world and new. Brave, essential, thrilling, each story in You Should Pity Us Instead takes us to those places we've never dared visit before." — Ben Stroud You Should Pity Us Instead explores some of our toughest dilemmas: the cost of Middle East strife at its most intimate level, the likelihood of God considered in day-to-day terms, the moral stakes of family obligations, and the inescapable fact of mortality. Amy Gustine exhibits an extraordinary generosity toward her characters, instilling them with a thriving, vivid presence

You Suck Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Suck
Авторы: Moore Christopher
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Серии Love Story
Размер файла: 481Кб.
Дата правки: 2010-01-13

You bitch, you killed me. You suck!" Being dead sucks. Make that being undead sucks. Literally. Just ask Thomas C. Flood. Waking up after a fantastic night unlike anything he's ever experienced, he discovers that his girlfriend, Jody—the woman of his dreams—is a vampire. And surprise! Now he's one, too. For some couples, the whole biting-and-blood thing would have been a deal breaker. But Tommy and Jody are in love, and they vow to work through their issues. Like how much Jody should teach Tommy about his new superpowers (and how much he needs to learn on his own). Plus there's Tommy's cute new minion, sixteen-year-old goth girl Abby Normal. (Well, someone has to run errands during daylight hours!) Making the relationship work, however, is the least of Jody and Tommy's problems. Word has it that the vampire who nibbled on Jody wasn't supposed to be recruiting any new members into the club. Even worse, Tommy's erstwhile turkey-bowling pals are out to get him, at the urging of a blue-dyed Las Vegas call girl named (duh) Blue

You Think That's Bad Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Think That's Bad
Авторы: Shepard Jim
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 662Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-08-07

Following Like You’d Understand, Anyway—awarded the Story Prize and a finalist for the National Book Award — Jim Shepard returns with an even more wildly diverse collection of astonishingly observant stories. Like an expert curator, he populates the vastness of human experience — from its bizarre fringes and lonely, breathtaking pinnacles to the hopelessly mediocre and desperately below average — with brilliant scientists, reluctant soldiers, workaholic artists, female explorers, depraved murderers, and deluded losers, all wholly convincing and utterly fascinating. A “black world” operative at Los Alamos isn’t allowed to tell his wife anything about his daily activities, but he can’t resist sharing her intimate confidences with his work buddy. A young Alpine researcher falls in love with the girlfriend of his brother, who was killed in an avalanche he believes he caused. An unlucky farm boy becomes the manservant of a French nobleman who’s as proud of his military service with Joan of Arc as he’s aroused by the slaughter of children. A free-spirited autodidact, grieving her lost sister, traces the ancient steps of a ruthless Middle Eastern sect and becomes the first Western woman to travel the Arabian deserts. From the inventor of the Godzilla epics to a miserable G.I. in New Guinea, each comes to realize that knowing better is never enough. Enthralling and unfailingly compassionate, You Think That’s Bad traverses centuries, continents, and social strata, but the joy and struggle that Shepard depicts with such devastating sensitivity — all the heartbreak, alienation, intimacy, and accomplishment — has a universal resonance

You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine
Авторы: Kleeman Alexandra
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 1072Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-12-19

A woman known only as A lives in an unnamed American city with her roommate, B, and boyfriend, C, who wants her to join him on a reality dating show called That's My Partner! A eats mostly popsicles and oranges, watches endless amounts of television, often just for the commercials— particularly the recurring cartoon escapades of Kandy Kat, the mascot for an entirely chemical dessert — and models herself on a standard of beauty that exists only in such advertising. She fixates on the fifteen minutes of fame a local celebrity named Michael has earned after buying up a Wally's Supermarket's entire, and increasingly ample, supply of veal. Meanwhile, B is attempting to make herself a twin of A, who in turn hungers for something to give meaning to her life, something aside from C's pornography addiction. Maybe something like what's gotten into her neighbors across the street, the family who's begun "ghosting" themselves beneath white sheets and whose garage door features a strange scrawl of graffiti: he who sits next to me, may we eat as one. An intelligent and madly entertaining novel reminiscent of The Crying of Lot 49, White Noise, and City of Glass, Alexandra Kleeman's unforgettable debut is a missing-person mystery told from the point of view of the missing person; an American horror story that concerns sex and friendship, consumption and appetite, faith and transformation, real food and reality television; and, above all, a wholly singular vision of modern womanhood by a frightening, "stunning" (Conjunctions), and often very funny voice of a new generation

You Will Never See Any God: Stories Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You Will Never See Any God: Stories
Авторы: Krause Ervin
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 475Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-02-13

A farmer perishing under a fallen tractor makes a last stab at philosophizing: “There was nothing dead that was ever beautiful.” It is a sentiment belied not only by the strange beauty in his story but also in the rough lives and deaths, small and large, that fill these haunting tales. Pulp-fiction grim and gritty but with the rhythm and resonance of classic folklore, these stories take place in a world of shadowy figures and childhood fears, in a countryside peopled by witches and skinflints, by men and women mercilessly unforgiving of one another’s trespasses, and in nights prowled by wolves and scrutinized by an “agonized and lamenting” moon. Ervin D. Krause’s characters pontificate in saloons, condemning the morals of others as they slowly get sloshed; they have affairs in old cars on winter nights; they traffic in gossip, terrorize their neighbors, steal, hunt, and spy. This collection includes award-winning stories like “The Snake” and “The Quick and the Dead” as well as the previously unpublished “Anniversary,” which stirred a national controversy when it was censored by the University of Nebraska and barred from appearing in Prairie Schooner. Krause’s portrayal of the matter-of-fact cruelty and hopeful fragility of humanity is a critical addition to the canon of twentieth-century American literature

You will never walk alone Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You will never walk alone
Авторы: Рогач Владимир
Жанры Фантастика
Размер файла: 56Кб.
Дата правки: 2014-01-01

You're Next Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You're Next
Авторы: Hurwitz Gregg
Жанры Триллер
Размер файла: 829Кб.
Дата правки: 2011-09-24

I know you, don't I?' Five words – that's all it takes to plunge Mike Wingate and his family into mortal danger. Mike doesn't recognise the crippled stranger who approaches him at a party…but the stranger seems to know all about him. What has Mike done? Do they have the wrong man? Overnight, the threats become attacks, and Mike, his wife, and their young daughter learn they aren't safe anywhere -especially not their own home. He doesn't know who they are. He doesn't know what they want. But there's no time to figure it out – because his enemies have killed before, and he's next

You're nobody 'til somebody kills you Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You're nobody 'til somebody kills you
Авторы: Randisi Robert
Жанры Криминальный детектив
Серии Rat Pack
Размер файла: 412Кб.
Дата правки: 2013-06-06

You've Been Warned Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You've Been Warned
Авторы: Roughan James
Жанры antique
Размер файла: 472Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-06-17

Kristin Burns has lived her life by the philosophy "Don't think, just shoot"--pictures, that is. Struggling to make ends meet, she works full-time as the nanny for the fabulously wealthy Turnbull family, looking after their two wonderful children and waiting for her glamorous life as a New York photographer to begin. When her photographs are considered by an elite Manhattan art gallery, it seems she might finally get the chance that will start her career. But Kristin has a major distraction: forbidden love. The man of her dreams is almost hers for keeps. Breathless with an inexhaustible passion and the excitement of being within reach of her goals, Kristen ignores all signs of catastrophe brewing. Fear exists for a reason. And Kristin can only dismiss the warnings for so long. Searching desperately for the truth through the lens of her camera, she can only hope that it's not too late. This novel of psychological suspense is a stunning achievement for thriller master James Patterson, "one of the bestselling writers in history

You've Got It Coming Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You've Got It Coming
Авторы: Chase James
Жанры antique
Размер файла: 538Кб.
Дата правки: 2013-07-25

Reckless Harry Griffin was an ex-pilot on the skids. But he had an ingenious scheme for hijacking a plane and heisting 3 million dollars worth of diamonds. Another hardfisted mystery by the author of NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH

You, or the Invention of Memory Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: You, or the Invention of Memory
Авторы: Baumbach Jonathan
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 456Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-08-21

No one is smarter or funnier about the absurdities and agonies of modern love. Reading You is an affair to relish and remember." — Hilda Wolitzer With each new novel, Jonathan Baumbach nudges the parameters of the novel — this time his narrator remembers, or invents, or imagines, the life of a not easily defined woman known only as You. It's another great look at the idea of love and the many various holds it can take. Jonathan Baumbach is the author of fourteen books of fiction, and has also published over ninety stories in such places as Esquire and Boulevard

Young beginners Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young beginners
Авторы: Anonymous
Жанры Семейные отношения, секс
Серии Victorian erotica
Размер файла: 14Кб.
Дата правки: 2011-05-28

Young bloods Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young bloods
Авторы: Scarrow Simon
Жанры Исторические приключения
Серии Revolution
Размер файла: 1164Кб.
Дата правки: 2010-11-30

Young Folks' History of England Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young Folks' History of England
Авторы: Йондж Шарлотта
Жанры Проза для детей, Историческая проза
Размер файла: 299Кб.
Дата правки: 2009-06-30

Young Folks' History of Rome Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young Folks' History of Rome
Авторы: Йондж Шарлотта
Жанры Проза для детей, Историческая проза
Размер файла: 355Кб.
Дата правки: 2009-07-01

Young housewife in hell Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young housewife in hell
Авторы: Garfield Blake
Жанры Семейные отношения, секс
Серии Bondage book
Размер файла: 436Кб.
Дата правки: 2010-12-31

Young Lord of Khadora Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young Lord of Khadora
Авторы: Tuttle Richard
Жанры Фэнтези
Серии Forgotten legacy
Размер файла: 790Кб.
Дата правки: 2011-12-17

Young mother in bondage Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young mother in bondage
Авторы: Andrews Kathy
Жанры Семейные отношения, секс
Серии Bondage house
Размер файла: 381Кб.
Дата правки: 2011-03-06

Young Once Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young Once
Авторы: Modiano Patrick
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 714Кб.
Дата правки: 2016-03-16

Young Once is a crucial book in the career of Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano. It was his breakthrough novel, in which he stripped away the difficulties of his earlier work and found a clear, mysteriously moving voice for his haunting stories of love, nostalgia, and grief. It has also been called “the most gripping Modiano book of all” (Der Spiegel). Odile and Louis are leading a happy, bucolic life with their two children in the French countryside near the Swiss mountains. It is Odile’s thirty-fifth birthday, and Louis’s thirty-fifth birthday is a few weeks away. Then the story shifts back to their early years: Louis, just freed from his military service and at loose ends, taken up by a shady character who brings him to Paris to do some work for a friend who manages a garage; Odile, an aspiring singer, at the mercy of the kindness and unkindness of strangers. They move through a Paris saturated with the crimes and secrets of the past but breathing hopes for the future; they find each other and struggle together to create what, looking back, will have been their youth

Young pussy Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young pussy
Авторы: Arledge Rick
Жанры Семейные отношения, секс
Серии Windsor house
Размер файла: 148Кб.
Дата правки: 2011-03-21

Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young Sherlock Holmes: Fire Storm
Авторы: Lane Andrew
Жанры antique
Серии Young Sherlock Holmes
Размер файла: 1027Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-09-10

Fourteen-year-old Sherlock has come up against some challenges in his time, but what confronts him now is completely baffling. His tutor, Crowe, and Crowe's daughter, Ginny, have vanished. Their house looks as if nobody has ever lived there. Neighbours claim never to have heard of them. Sherlock begins to doubt his sanity, until a chance clue points him to Scotland. Following that clue leads him into the throes of a mystery that involves kidnapping, bodysnatchers and a man who claims he can raise the dead. Before he knows it, Sherlock is fighting for his life as he battles to discover what has happened to his his friends

Young Skins: Stories Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young Skins: Stories
Авторы: Barrett Colin
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 870Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-04-09

“A stunning debut…The timeless nature of each story means this collection can — and will — be read many years from now.”—The Sunday Times Making a remarkable entrance onto the Irish and UK literary scene with rave reviews in The Sunday Times and The Guardian, Colin Barrett’s Young Skins is a stunning introduction to a singular voice in contemporary fiction. Enter the small, rural town of Glanbeigh, a place whose fate took a downturn with the Celtic Tiger, a desolate spot where buffoonery and tension simmer and erupt, and booze-sodden boredom fills the corners of every pub and nightclub. Here, and in the towns beyond, the young live hard and wear the scars. Amongst them, there’s jilted Jimmy, whose best friend Tug is the terror of the town and Jimmy’s sole company in his search for the missing Clancy kid; Bat, a lovesick soul with a face like “a bowl of mashed up spuds” even before Nubbin Tansey’s boot kicked it in; and Arm, a young and desperate criminal whose destiny is shaped when he and his partner, Dympna, fail to carry out a job. In each story, a local voice delineates the grittiness of Irish society; unforgettable characters whose psychological complexities and unspoken yearnings are rendered through silence, humor, and violence. With power and originality akin to Wells Tower’s Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned and Claire Vaye Watkins’ Battleborn these six short stories and one explosive novella occupy the ghostly, melancholic spaces between boyhood and old age. Told in Barrett’s vibrant, distinctive prose, Young Skins is an accomplished and irreverent debut from a brilliant new writer

Young Stalin Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young Stalin
Авторы: Montefiore Simon
Жанры Биографии и Мемуары
Размер файла: 6539Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-02-11

Stalin, like Hitler, remains the very personification of evil but also one of the creators of today’s world. Now in an enthralling biography that reads like a thriller, Simon Sebag Montefiore unveils the shadowy, adventurous journey of the Georgian cobbler’s son who became the Red Tsar. What makes a Stalin? Was he illegitimate? Was his mother whore or saint? Was Stalin a Tsarist agent or Lenin’s chief gangster? Was his most notorious heist planned during his stay in London? Was he to blame for his wife’s death? If he really missed the 1917 Revolution, how did he emerge so powerful? Born in poverty, scarred by his upbringing, exceptional in his studies, this charismatic but dangerous boy was hailed as a romantic poet and trained as a priest but found his mission as fanatical revolutionary. He became the mastermind of bank-robberies, protection-rackets, arson, piracy and murder yet he was, uniquely, part-intellectual, part-brigand. Surprisingly, he is also revealed as a scandalously prolific lover, leaving a trail of mistresses (varying from schoolgirls to noblewomen) and illegitimate children. Here is the arch-conspirator and escape-artist whose brutal ingenuity so impressed Lenin that he made Stalin (with Trotsky) his top henchman. The paranoid underworld of Joseph Conrad-style terrorism was Stalin’s natural habitat. Montefiore shows how clannish Caucasian banditry and murderous gangsterism, combined with pitiless ideology, qualified Stalin to dominate the Kremlin—and create the USSR in his flawed image. Based on massive research and astonishing new evidence in archives from Moscow to Georgia, Young Stalin, companion and prequel to bestselling, prizewinning Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar, is a chronicle of the Revolution, a pre-history of the USSR—and a fascinatingly intimate biography: this is how Stalin became Stalin

Young Swingers Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young Swingers
Авторы: Morison John
Жанры Семейные отношения, секс
Серии TR
Размер файла: 309Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-04-14

Young Zaphod Plays It Safe Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Young Zaphod Plays It Safe
Авторы: Adams Douglas
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Размер файла: 25Кб.
Дата правки: 06.06.2008

Youngblood Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Youngblood
Авторы: Gallagher Matt
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 1689Кб.
Дата правки: 2016-02-04

“An urgent and deeply moving novel.”—Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times The US military is preparing to withdraw from Iraq, and newly-minted lieutenant Jack Porter struggles to accept how it’s happening — through alliances with warlords who have Arab and American blood on their hands. Day after day, Jack tries to assert his leadership in the sweltering, dreary atmosphere of Ashuriyah. But his world is disrupted by the arrival of veteran Sergeant Daniel Chambers, whose aggressive style threatens to undermine the fragile peace that the troops have worked hard to establish. As Iraq plunges back into chaos and bloodshed and Chambers’s influence over the men grows stronger, Jack becomes obsessed with a strange, tragic tale of reckless love between a lost American soldier and Rana, a local sheikh’s daughter. In search of the truth and buoyed by the knowledge that what he finds may implicate Sergeant Chambers, Jack seeks answers from the enigmatic Rana, and soon their fates become intertwined. Determined to secure a better future for Rana and a legitimate and lasting peace for her country, Jack will defy American command, putting his own future in grave peril. Pulling readers into the captivating immediacy of a conflict that can shift from drudgery to devastation at any moment, Youngblood provides startling new dimension to both the moral complexity of war and its psychological toll

Your Cheatin Heart Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Your Cheatin Heart
Авторы: Bartholomew Nancy
Жанры Остросюжетные любовные романы
Серии Maggie Reid
Размер файла: 499Кб.
Дата правки: 2009-01-29

Once upon a time Maggie Reid had a nice home, a rich husaband, and an adoring daughter. But that fairy-tale life hit the skids when her no-good man left her for a busty bottle blonde, and her rebellious teenage daughter went with him. Maggie's mama didn't raise no fool, though. Wide-awake and smelling the Starbucks, Maggie decides to follow her heart and becomes a country-western singer at the Golden Stallion Club. There, she glimpses her destiny--a lanky cowboy in steel-tipped boots and tight jeans. Though she's determined to meet Marshall Weathers, she sure isn't desperate enough to kill her pesky ex-brother-in-law, Jimmy, to do it. As fate would have it, Weathers is the detective investigating Jimmy's murder, and Maggie is his leading suspect. Unless she wants to sing the prison blues, Maggie's got to do some fancy two-stepping to expose Jimmy's true killer--and find her true love

Your Face in Mine Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Your Face in Mine
Авторы: Row Jess
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 934Кб.
Дата правки: 2014-09-18

An award-winning writer delivers a poignant and provocative novel of identity, race and the search for belonging in the age of globalization. One afternoon, not long after Kelly Thorndike has moved back to his hometown of Baltimore, an African American man he doesn’t recognize calls out to him. To Kelly’s shock, the man identifies himself as Martin, who was one of Kelly’s closest friends in high school — and, before his disappearance nearly twenty years before, skinny, white, and Jewish. Martin then tells an astonishing story: After years of immersing himself in black culture, he’s had a plastic surgeon perform “racial reassignment surgery”—altering his hair, skin, and physiognomy to allow him to pass as African American. Unknown to his family or childhood friends, Martin has been living a new life ever since. Now, however, Martin feels he can no longer keep his new identity a secret; he wants Kelly to help him ignite a controversy that will help sell racial reassignment surgery to the world. Kelly, still recovering from the death of his wife and child and looking for a way to begin anew, agrees, and things quickly begin to spiral out of control. Inventive and thought-provoking, Your Face in Mine is a brilliant novel about cultural and racial alienation and the nature of belonging in a world where identity can be a stigma or a lucrative brand

Your Face Tomorrow 1: Fever and Spear Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Your Face Tomorrow 1: Fever and Spear
Авторы: Marías Javier
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 1887Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-08-05

In a return to the British setting of his much loved novel All Souls, Javier Marias embarks on a remarkable 'novel in parts', set in the murky world of surveillance and espionage. Fever and Spear is the first volume. In it Marias begins to weave a web of intrigue, both narrative and intellectual, that will entice the reader to follow him into the labyrinth of the novel's future books. Recently divorced, Jacques Deza moves from Madrid to London in order to distance himself from his ex-wife and children. There he picks up old friendships from his Oxford University days, particularly Sir Peter Wheeler, retired don and semi-retired spy. It is at an Oxford party of Wheeler's that Jacques is approached by the enigmatic Bertram Tupra. Tupra believes that Jacques has a talent: he is one of those people who sees more clearly than others, who can guess from someone's face today what they will become tomorrow. His services would be of use to a mysterious group whose aims are unstated but whose day-to-day activities involve the careful observation of people's character and the prediction of their future behaviour. The 'group' may be part of MI6, though Jacques will find no reference to it in any book; he will be called up to report on all types of people from politicians and celebrities, to ordinary citizens applying for bank loans. As Deza is drawn deeper into this twilight world of observation, Marias shows how trust and betrayal characterise all human relationships. How do we read people, and how far can the stories they tell about themselves be trusted when, by its very nature, all language betrays? Moving from the intimacy of Jacques' marriage to the deadly betrayals of the Spanish Civil War, Your Face Tomorrow is an extraordinary meditation on our ability to know our fellow human beings, and to save ourselves from fever and pain

Your Face Tomorrow 2: Dance and Dream Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Your Face Tomorrow 2: Dance and Dream
Авторы: Marías Javier
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 768Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-08-05

Few books in recent decades have excited the interest of readers and the raves of reviewers like Javier Marías's Your Face Tomorrow: 'This brilliant trilogy must be one of the greatest novels of our age' (Antony Beevor, The London Sunday Telegraph). Now available complete – all three paperback volumes in a shrinkwrapped set – Your Face Tomorrow in its full trilogy, one of the greatest literary masterpieces of our time

Your Face Tomorrow 3: Poison, Shadow and Farewell Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Your Face Tomorrow 3: Poison, Shadow and Farewell
Авторы: Marías Javier
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 1991Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-08-05

Your Face Tomorrow, Javier Marías's daring novel in three parts culminates triumphantly in this much-anticipated final volume. Poison, Shadow, and Farewell, with its heightened tensions between meditations and noir narrative, with its wit and and ever deeper forays into the mysteries of consciousness, brings to a stunning finale Marías's three-part Your Face Tomorrow. Already this novel has been acclaimed 'exquisite' (Publishers Weekly), 'gorgeous' (Kirkus), and 'outstanding: another work of urgent originality' (London Independent). Poison, Shadow, and Farewell takes our hero Jaime Deza – hired by MI6 as a person of extraordinarily sophisticated powers of perception – back to Madrid to both spy on and try to protect his own family, and into new depths of love and loss, with a fluency on the subject of death that could make a stone weep

Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?
Авторы: Eggers Dave
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 367Кб.
Дата правки: 2015-05-26

From Dave Eggers, best-selling author of The Circle, a tightly controlled, emotionally searching novel. Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? is the formally daring, brilliantly executed story of one man struggling to make sense of his country, seeking answers the only way he knows how. In a barracks on an abandoned military base, miles from the nearest road, Thomas watches as the man he has brought wakes up. Kev, a NASA astronaut, doesn't recognize his captor, though Thomas remembers him. Kev cries for help. He pulls at his chain. But the ocean is close by, and nobody can hear him over the waves and wind. Thomas apologizes. He didn't want to have to resort to this. But they really needed to have a conversation, and Kev didn't answer his messages. And now, if Kev can just stop yelling, Thomas has a few questions

Your Heart Belongs To Me Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Your Heart Belongs To Me
Авторы: Koontz Dean
Жанры Триллер
Размер файла: 574Кб.
Дата правки: 2009-03-02

From the #1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense comes a riveting thriller that probes the deepest terrors of the human psyche – and the ineffable mystery of what truly makes us who we are. Here an innocent man finds himself fighting for his very existence in a battle that starts with the most frightening words of all. At thirty-four, Internet entrepreneur Ryan Perry seemed to have the world in his pocket – until the first troubling symptoms appeared out of nowhere. Within days, he's diagnosed with incurable cardiomyopathy and finds himself on the waiting list for a heart transplant; it's his only hope, and it's dwindling fast. Ryan is about to lose it all.his health, his girlfriend, Samantha, and his life. One year later, Ryan has never felt better. Business is good and there's even a chance of getting Samantha back in his life. Then the unmarked gifts begin to arrive in the mail – a heart pendant, a box of Valentine candy hearts. And, most disturbing of all, a graphic heart surgery video accompanied by a chilling message: Your heart belongs to me. In a heartbeat, the medical miracle that gave Ryan a second chance at life is about to become a curse worse than death. For Ryan is being stalked by a mysterious woman who feels entitled to everything he has. She's the spitting image of the twenty-eight-year-old donor of the heart beating steadily in Ryan's own chest. And she's come to take it back

Your Heart Is a Muscle the Size of a Fist Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Your Heart Is a Muscle the Size of a Fist
Авторы: Yapa Sunil
Жанры Современная русская и зарубежная проза
Размер файла: 528Кб.
Дата правки: 2016-01-28

The Flamethrowers meets Let the Great World Spin in this debut novel set amid the heated conflict of Seattle's 1999 WTO protests. On a rainy, cold day in November, young Victor-a boyish, scrappy world traveler who's run away from home-sets out to sell marijuana to the 50,000 anti-globalization protestors gathered in the streets. It quickly becomes clear that the throng determined to shut the city down-from environmentalists to teamsters to anarchists-are testing the patience of the police, and what started as a peaceful protest is threatening to erupt into violence. Over the course of one life-altering afternoon, the lives of seven people will change forever: foremost among them police chief Bishop, the estranged father Victor hasn't seen in three years, two protestors struggling to stay true to their non-violent principles as the day descends into chaos, two police officers in the street, and the coolly elegant financial minister from Sri Lanka whose life, as well as his country's fate, hinges on getting through the angry crowd, out of jail, and to his meeting with the president of the United States. In this raw and breathtaking novel, Yapa marries a deep rage with a deep humanity, and in doing so casts an unflinching eye on the nature and limits of compassion

Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone
Авторы: Kiesbye Stefan
Жанры Ужасы
Размер файла: 374Кб.
Дата правки: 2014-02-02

The village of Hemmersmoor is a place untouched by time and shrouded in superstition: There is the grand manor house whose occupants despise the villagers, the small pub whose regulars talk of revenants, the old mill no one dares to mention. This is where four young friends come of age—in an atmosphere thick with fear and suspicion. Their innocent games soon bring them face-to-face with the village’s darkest secrets in this eerily dispassionate, astonishingly assured novel, evocative of Stephen King’s classic short story “Children of the Corn” and infused with the spirit of the Brothers Grimm

Your Movie Sucks Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Your Movie Sucks
Авторы: Ebert Roger
Жанры antique
Размер файла: 1436Кб.
Дата правки: 16.7.2013

Your Room or Mine? Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Your Room or Mine?
Авторы: D’Alessandro Jacquie
Жанры Современные любовные романы
Размер файла: 319Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-06-28

The last thing a sexy executive wants to do is to spend more time with the business consultant hired to work with his department, but during a team-building weekend at a resort, a case of mixed-up bags results in unexpected fireworks between the two

Yours, Mine & Ours Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Yours, Mine & Ours
Авторы: Greene Jennifer
Жанры Современные любовные романы
Размер файла: 362Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-06-27

Smarting from his recent divorce, newly single attorney Mike Conroy wanted only one thing – to be the best dad ever. And if that meant he needed to lead a life of celibacy, he could handle that. Until he met his new next-door neighbor, that is. Flame-haired Amanda Scott was as passionate as the color of her hair – and as determined as Mike to be a fantastic parent to her daughter. Not only was the rugged Mike her polar opposite, but she'd also sworn off the opposite sex for keeps. But sometimes love can be as close as right next door…

Youth Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Youth
Авторы: Asimov Isaac
Жанры Научная Фантастика
Размер файла: 117Кб.
Дата правки: 2016-06-12

Red and Slim found the two strange little animals the morning after they heard the thunder sounds. They knew that they could never show their new pets to their parents

Youth and the Bright Medusa Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: Youth and the Bright Medusa
Авторы: Cather Willa
Жанры antique
Размер файла: 78Кб.
Дата правки: 21.4.2012

YouTube для бизнеса. Эффективный маркетинг с помощью видео Скачать: fb2  fb2+zip 
Название книги: YouTube для бизнеса. Эффективный маркетинг с помощью видео
Авторы: Миллер Майкл
Жанры Карьера, кадры, marketing, ОС и Сети, интернет
Размер файла: 8543Кб.
Дата правки: 2012-07-10
Дубликаты книги: YouTube для бизнеса. Эффективный маркетинг с помощью видео (1шт.)

Миллионы людей ежедневно используют YouTube. А почему бы не разместить там ролик, продвигающий ваши товары или идеи? О том, как сделать видеоролик на YouTube активным маркетинговым инструментом, рассказывает эта книга. Она представляет собой не просто описание и руководство, а пошаговую инструкцию: от разработки стратегии присутствия компании на YouTube, создания, редактирования и размещения роликов, отслеживания их эффективности до управления продажами, возникающими в результате просмотров. Максимально эффективно с минимальными затратами! YouTube-маркетинг не требует значительных вложений и подходит для бережливого бизнеса любого размера

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